Robert Harrington

LPL Wealth Advisor


Phone: (801) 871-0840



Robert is a passionate believer in empowering his clients and helping them create a heathy mindset around money and investing. He grew up in middle class America and watched his parents work hard but lack the guidance needed to work towards a comfortable retirement. Having a passion for investing and realizing that retirement for them would be different than expected, Robert made a decision to become a Wealth Advisor. He has a desire to help others along their investment journey in hopes of helping them mitigate the challenges that his parents faced. His focus is committed to helping individuals, families and small business owners understand the importance of financial freedom and create strategies for their retirement assets. He works closely with his clients to evaluate opportunities and navigate the current economic environment.

Robert is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. He has two beautiful children and he loves singing, playing guitar, eating yummy food and adventuring in the Wasatch Mountains.